Wolves 2 Rams

Wolves 2 Rams

The Wolves to Rams Learning Community is a non-residential program that provides advising, scholarships, stipends, workshops, mentorship, and paid research training to students in STEM transferring from Front Range Community College, and other community colleges within the Colorado Community College System, to Colorado State University (CSU). Low-income, First Generation, and underrepresented students are particularly encouraged to participate.

Wolves to Rams programs are funded through grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Being a member of the Wolves to Rams Learning Community means:

  • Transferring from Front Range to CSU and earning a bachelor’s degree.
  • Engaging with advisors about the transfer process and to learn about opportunities for research and/or internships.
  • Participating in the one credit seminar IU 300- Becoming a Scientist to connect with peers and understand what it means to be a scientist.
  • Taking charge of your financial situation by creating a financial plan, applying for aid, and asking for help when you need it.
  • Registering for average of 15 credits per semester and utilizing academic support resources (i.e., tutoring) to graduate on time.
  • Finding faculty and professional mentors for achieving your goals.
  • Learning about and using other offices on campus who support transfer students.

Wolves to Rams strongly believes that diverse perspectives are valuable in science. Our program serves to directly address participation gaps amongst our targeted student population in order to increase participation by diverse individuals in the greater science community at large.

For additional info contact Orlando Cruz at Orlando.Cruz@colostate.edu.