Honors Community

Who can apply?
Students who have been accepted into the University Honors Program. There is no separate application for the HRLC.

The Honors Residential Learning Community (HRLC) is a learning community for all first year Honors students, with optional living spaces in Academic Village – Honors, Academic Village – Aspen, or Edwards Hall.  All first year Honors students, no matter where they live, are part of the HRLC and take an HONR 192 Seminar lecture and recitation. Seminars are small, discussion-based courses, intentionally designed to promote interdisciplinary learning.  Each year, Honors provides students with a variety of seminar topics such as History of Democracy in America, How Wildlife Influences Human Society, and Music in American Culture. The Honors recitation helps students transition to college life by providing resources, engagement opportunities, and connections. Honors specific engagement opportunities focus on community and belonging, including the Honors Student Association, Honors Community Service Club, Nerd Prom, and Spring Carnival. Students have opportunities to connect with faculty in the Fireside Chats or at the Honors Professor of the Year lecture. There are additional opportunities to participate in Education Abroad, apply for Honors specific scholarships, or apply for enrichment awards that support enhanced education. Honors students also have priority class registration. 

More information can be found on the University Honors Program website.

Contact Information

University Honors Program
Academic Village, Room B102
800 West Pitkin Street
Fort Collins, CO 80523