Health & Exercise Science

In the Health & Exercise Science (HES) Residential Learning Community, you will live with other students who are taking the same courses, have similar career goals, and with students that are often vested in living active and healthy lifestyles. Living in the HES Residential Learning Community will allow residents to connect with each other not only academically but socially as well through engaging Residence Life programming. The HES Residential Learning Community is conveniently located in Corbett Hall, across the street from Moby B Complex where students have access to a computer lab, where major courses are offered, and where the Department of Health & Exercise Science is located.

Community Requirements
In the fall students in the community will take HES145 – Health & Wellness together as a cluster. In the spring students will take HES202 Introduction to Exercise Physiology as a cluster and or HES207 – Anatomical Kinesiology.

Who Can Apply
The HES Residential Learning Community is open to any First-year students who are declared as Health & Exercise Science Majors at Colorado State University.

How to Apply
To apply for the HES Residential Learning Community, students must complete an application through the Learning Community site.

Contact Information

Tami Boday
Director of Undergraduate Advising
Academic Success Coordinator

Mark Barry
Academic Success Coordinator