Arts & Creative Expression

The Arts and Creative Expression Residential Learning Community (ACE) is a program in Parmelee Hall that provides students majoring in the Visual Arts a collaborative environment in which to grow creatively. Students will learn to become strong advocates of the arts and will have opportunities to participate in service-learning programs, gallery walks, museum visits, and live performances both on and off campus. All ACE student participants will also enroll in the course IU180 “Questions for Human Flourishing” which helps to develop community through a common Academic experience. Students who select the ACE Learning Community will be REQUIRED to live on the ACE floor in Parmelee Hall.

The ACE Program is open to first year students who are majoring in Art, Art History, and Art Education. Contact Cory Seymour at the contact information listed below for information about the ACE Learning Community and how to participate.

Contact Information:

Cory Seymour