Learning Communities and University Housing for 2022

We are very excited to welcome you to campus as we continue to learn and evolve from this year. Students who participate in a Residential Learning Community will live in the community’s designated hall with other Learning Community Students. Learning Community students have access to select a room within the designated hall during the Residential Learning Community room selection process June 27th-July 1st. If students do not participate in the Housing selection process during the designated RLC selection timeline, the Learning Community cannot guarantee space will be available in the designated hall

Finally, more information from your Learning Community will be sent to students regarding any orientation dates and other requirements.

For the latest information, you can also check: https://covid.colostate.edu/ If you have specific questions about your residence hall application you can also contact University Housing by phone at 970.491.4719 or email at housing@colostate.edu.

Please contact your Learning Community for more specific information.