CSU Learning Community List Serve

The list serve is a resource for staff and faculty who work with Learning Communities at CSU. It is a way for communities to announce upcoming events and share resources. If you would like to be added to this list, please email Tae.Nosaka@colostate.edu.

Learning Communities Management

The learning community dashboard is available for Community Managers to identify who is part of their communities.

Learning Communities Operations Team

Consisting of the main contact/Coordinator for each Learning Community at CSU, the Operations Team will address:

  • Training on topics such as: Working with Students in Distress, University Liability and Legal Guidelines, Student Staff Training requirements, Professional Staff Development
  • Enhancement and Development of Programs and Systems: Recruitment, Course Clustering, Assessment
  • Sharing of Best Practices and Program Updates

For more information about the Learning Communities Operations Team, please contact Tae Nosaka, Chair and University Learning Communities Coordinator, at Tae.Nosaka@colostate.edu or 970-491-7095.

ACUA Learning Communities Subcommittee

The Learning Communities Subcommittee of ACUA (Advisory Committee on Undergrauate Affairs) is an important component to the infrastructure supporting Learning Communities at CSU.  The Subcommittee consists of representatives from critical campus stakeholders that have an investment in the development and implementation of Learning Communities and serves the broad purpose of developing and directing the vision at CSU. Appointment of membership comes from the Chairs of ACUA: Alan Lamborn, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs; Blanche Hughes, Vice President for Student Affairs; and Robin Brown, Vice President for Enrollment and Access.

  • The purpose of the Subcommittee is:
  • Develop and direct the vision for Learning Communities at CSU;
  • Facilitate the development of standards and expectations for Learning Communities;
  • Advise professional development opportunities for faculty and staff;
  • Faculty development;
  • Advise and review proposals for new efforts on campus, including those involving residential facilities and course options;
  • Orient Learning Community efforts toward student learning and success through intentional integration of curricular and co-curricular components;
  • Serve as the Review Committee for PRISM outcomes for Learning Communities;
  • Connect to existing Learning Community processes:
  • Review the Learning Communities Assessment Working Group activities;
  • Review the Residential Learning Community Advisory Board Activities.

For more information about the Learning Communities Subcommittee of ACUA, contact Tae Nosaka, Co-Chair and University Learning Communities Coordinator, at Tae.Nosaka@colostate.edu or 970-491-7095.