Learning Communities at Colorado State University strive to provide students with supportive, academically-focused environments that are focused on cultivating a sense of community and empowering students to become engaged citizens on campus and in the community. By structuring students’ experience to spend time in the company of peers and connecting students’ in-class lives with their out-of-class lives, learning community participants tend to do better academically, feel more connected to the campus and to their college/department, and report being more satisfied with their university experience.

Learning Community Goals and Mission

To support Colorado State University’s commitment to student learning, learning communities seek to enhance our undergraduates’ experience by providing all interested students dynamic, academically focused communities in which students, staff, and faculty can learn and grow together.

Learning Community goals are connected to Goal 7 and Goal 8 of the University’s Strategic Plan.

Goal 7: Active and Experiential Learning

Goal 8: Student Success – Undergraduate Retention and Graduation

  • Assess the effectiveness of Learning Communities on
    • Student Learning, academic performance, and academic integration
    • Student engagement
    • Social and academic transitions
    • Sense of belonging
    • Sense of community
    • Satisfaction
    • Retention and graduation

Improve the variety of residential and non-residential learning communities to meet student needs and university priorities (expand options for students to include non-residential, transfer, and upper-division)